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This application is a divisional of application Ser. This invention relates to games and more particularly to multiple, independently played games having a common progressive bonus payout. Games of the prior art, while enjoyable, continue reading rather simple and, as such, often lead to rapid player boredom. This is undesirable in an environment where revenues are directly related to the continuous, repeated use of the games.

Pettee describes a game in which a ball is rolled down a plane towards an upright target pin. When the pin Spielgerät Gold Party impacted, a motor activates to spin a dial. When the dial stops spinning, it indicates the player's score. White describes a game in which a ball is tossed into holes marked in various time intervals. A spinning dial hand is stopped from rotating by the amount of time indicated by the hole that the ball is tossed into.

The object of the game is to make the dial stop at a chosen character or numeral on the dial face. Johns describes a skee-ball spielen auf Casino-Roulette Online in which a ball is rolled Spielgerät Gold Party a scoring drum and in which tickets are dispensed Spielgerät Gold Party the player by an electrically operated automatic ticket Spielgerät Gold Party. Roll-down games of the prior art, while enjoyable, are rather simple games and, as such, often lead to rapid player boredom.

This is undesirable in an arcade environment where revenues are directly related to the continuous, repeated use of the games. The present invention, in certain exemplary embodiments, provides an apparatus and method for progressively scoring contributions from multiple individual game units, and also provides an apparatus and method for an individual game including a spinning wheel. These improvements add excitement and complexity to the game, which tends to prolong player Spielgerät Gold Party. A roll-down game unit of the present invention, in an exemplary embodiment set forth by way of example and not limitation, includes a ramp, targets at the end of the ramp, and Spielgerät Gold Party wheel associated with Spielgerät Gold Party targets.

Preferably, the targets are apertures provided near the end of the ramp. If a ball is rolled down the ramp into a certain aperture, that aperture might be predetermined to rotate the wheel a certain distance clockwise. A different aperture might be predetermined to rotate the wheel a specific distance counterclockwise, or not rotate the wheel at all. If the wheel is rotated and stops at a number displayed on the wheel, the score might increase by that number.

The wheel and progressive bonus add complexity and interest to an otherwise simple roll-down game. This again increases Spielgerät Gold Party involvement with the game and increases the revenue produced by the game.

These and other advantages Spielgerät Gold Party the present invention will become apparent to those skilled in the art after reading the following descriptions and studying the various figures of the drawings.

Further individual game units 16 may be coupled to the progressive game apparatus 10 as desired. Each individual game unit 16 Spielgerät Gold Party the ability to be played on its own, independent of the other game units 16 coupled to progressive bonus apparatus Each individual game unit 16 includes a front panel 18 and a display Spielgerät Gold Party A goal for each game unit 16 should be accomplished in a skillful manner; for instance, a ball can be guided into an aperture using hand-eye coordination, or a disc or ball could be skillfully aimed into a target using electrical learn more here. An individual game unit 16 further has the ability to dispense a non-monetary award to a player.

Such an award might be tickets redeemable for prizes. The award also Spielgerät Gold Party be baseball cards or other similar Spielgerät Gold Party prizes. In the preferred embodiment, each individual game unit 16 dispenses one or more tickets to the player from the front panel 18 through Spielgerät Gold Party award dispensing slot Ticket dispensing mechanisms are well-known in the prior art.

The process that the multi-station game apparatus 10 uses to receive money and dispense non-monetary awards is illustrated in the block diagram 25 Online-Casinos mit Test FIG.

A player inserts monetary input 26 into an individual game unit 16 a or 16 b. Typically, this monetary input 26 is one or more coins, or it learn more here be tokens that are standard in an arcade environment.

Each game unit 16 a and 16 b is connected to the progressive bonus apparatus 12 by a data bus 27 a and 27 b Spielgerät Gold Party, respectively. The progressive bonus apparatus 12 has an output on a progressive score display 14 see FIG. For example, the progressive score might be set at a starting score of zero. Or, so that a bonus award might be immediately available to players, the starting score could be set at a higher value.

The progressive score displayed by the progressive bonus apparatus 12 Spielgerät Gold Party accumulated from contributions by the individual game units 16 over the data busses 27 a and 27 b.

The contributions can be determined in a variety of ways. In the preferred embodiment, each game unit 16 sends a signal to the progressive bonus apparatus 12 whenever a player deposits a coin or coins into the game unit When the progressive bonus apparatus 12 receives Spielgerät Gold Party signal, it increments the progressive score by one, one-half, or another predetermined value.

Thus, each game unit 16 that is played will increment the progressive score by this value. Other methods might be used where the game unit 16 sends its increment signal when a player reached a predetermined just click for source. Also, the progressive bonus apparatus 12 could be set to multiply the progressive score by a selected quantity whenever a game unit 16 sends an increment signal.

Each individual game unit 16 has one or more predetermined tasks for the player to accomplish in order for the player to receive a bonus award 30 based on the progressive score displayed by the progressive bonus apparatus All game units 16 that are attached to a single progressive bonus apparatus 12 should require the same predetermined task, so that each player competing for the progressive score has a task of the same duration and level of difficulty.

This predetermined task has several possible variations. One variation might be that the player has to achieve a specific game score on his individual game unit 16 in order to win the progressive score. The first player to accomplish the predetermined task is entitled to the non-monetary bonus award 30 based upon the progressive score displayed on the progressive bonus apparatus In the preferred embodiment, this bonus award 30 is manually given to the winning player by the owner Spielgerät Gold Party operator of the multi-station game apparatus The bonus award 30 can be a number of normal game unit 16 awards: Such a bonus award 30 might also be dispensed to a player as follows: The winning game unit 16 then dispenses the bonus award 30 to the player by that game unit's 16 normal award-dispensing means In any case, once the player has won the bonus award 30his individual game Spielgerät Gold Party 16 is Spielgerät Gold Party and the progressive bonus apparatus 12 is reset.

The microprocessor 32 is preferably an Intel 8-bit microprocessor, which has the range of features adequate for the Spielgerät Gold Party, including eight data lines and sixteen address lines.

The microprocessor 32 receives data inputs Spielgerät Gold Party 0 -D 9 inputs on data bus 33 from individual game units Spielgerät Gold Party are connected to the progressive bonus Spielgerät Gold Party 12 ; one data line is required per game visit web page, so a Spielgerät Gold Party of Spielgerät Gold Party individual games may be connected to the progressive bonus apparatus in this embodiment.

Data latches 31 are used to couple the data busses from each unit such as data busses 27 a and 27 b to the data bus The ROM 34 Spielgerät Gold Party preferably an erasable programmable read-only memory EPROM that contains the start-up instructions and operating system for the progressive bonus apparatus. Spielgerät Gold Party microprocessor 32 is also coupled to a latch 38 and DIP http://valley-for-life.de/die-beste-online-casino-website.php 40 by bus The DIP switches 40 provide selectable functions that the owner or operator of the multi-unit game apparatus 10 may change to his or her liking.

These selectable functions include setting the base payout score that the progressive bonus apparatus Spielgerät Gold Party will display in its starting state, and the increment value that the apparatus will use to increase the progressive score whenever a player achieves the predetermined task. Other selectable functions could also be set by Spielgerät Gold Party DIP switches depending on how many selectable game options and features are desired.

The microprocessor 32 is also coupled to a multiplexer The multiplexer 42 receives a clock Spielgerät Gold Party, an enable signal, and a serial LED data signal from the microprocessor Spielgerät Gold Party The multiplexer then outputs control signals to the segments of the LED display 44 on a bus The progressive bonus Spielgerät Gold Party can also optionally send and receive message Spielgerät Gold Party through a standard RS interface The Spielgerät Gold Party interface allows the control system 13 to be coupled to a computer system or other data processing system to allow the control and analysis of the control system The control system 13 for the progressive bonus apparatus 12 operates as follows.

The microprocessor 32 first reads the Spielgerät Gold Party memory from ROM 34 over bus 35 and then sequences through the software instructions stored in ROM. The software from the ROM 34 instructs the microprocessor 32 to read the DIP switches 40read in the game Spielgerät Gold Party signals on busses 27 a and 27 b from the latches 31and display or Spielgerät Gold Party the score LED display 44 with the information from the game unit signals.

If a http://valley-for-life.de/ist-es-moeglich-geld-casino-jackpot-stadt-zu-gewinnen.php unit signal on busses 27 Spielgerät Gold Party or 27 b indicates a game is over, the microprocessor modifies the progressive score by the determined amount.

When a game unit signal on busses 27 a or Spielgerät Gold Party b indicates that a game unit 16 has won the progressive bonus award, the microprocessor 32 sends signals to flash the score display and activate lights and sound speakers not shown indicating the bonus has been won.

The owner or operator of the game units 16 may then present the bonus award to the player who won it. In an alternate embodiment, the microprocessor 32 in progressive bonus apparatus 12 sends the progressive score total to the winning http://valley-for-life.de/casino-kleopatra-spielen-online.php game unit 16 over a data bus, and the individual game unit 16 can then dispense the bonus award to the player.

The game unit 16 comprises the front panel section 18a playing surface 20and the display section The Spielgerät Gold Party panel section comprises a coin deposit slot 50a ball dispenser 52a ticket dispenser 54and a speaker The coin deposit slot 50 may accept standard currency coins or game tokens that are normally available in an arcade environment, and also includes a coin return button and coin return slot.

Coin boxes suitable for use in game unit 16 are readily available on the commercial market. The ball dispenser 52 provides Spielgerät Gold Party ball for the player's use. In the preferred embodiment, the balls are rolled by the player down an inclined playing surface Other types of playing pieces can also be used and directed down the playing surface, such as discs, cylinders, or other objects.

The balls are dispensed to the player as shown in FIG. The Spielgerät Gold Party 70 is picked up by a player from the playing piece dispenser 52 and rolled down the playing surface 20 and through an opening 72 in the playing surface Referring again to FIG. Other awards may be chosen by the game owner; possibilities include tickets that, when saved to some predetermined amount, are worth various prizes; or baseball or other sports cards could also be dispensed.

The non-monetary award is stored in a storage area behind the front panel The speaker 56 emits sounds based on game actions and other game states and is controlled by the game unit controller system.

The operation of the speaker will be discussed in greater detail subsequently. The playing surface 20 is shown in FIGS. It includes a player end 60 click a target end Spielgerät Gold Party, the surface 20 comprises a ramp where the target end 62 is visit web page than the player end The player end 60 may include an opening 72 through which the player can drop the playing piece 70 onto the playing surface The playing surface 20 is preferably a smooth, unobstructed surface; but it can also be provided with obstacles.

The target end 62 includes a plurality of targets 80 that are receptive to the playing piece. In the preferred embodiment, the targets 80 are apertures, holes or slots that are associated with a switch 74 such that when the ball falls through a slot 80the associated switch 74 is activated.

Each slot 80 is defined by slot guide walls 81which guide the ball into a particular target slot 80 to activate a switch The guide walls 81 extend a short distance from the target end 62 onto the playing surface

DEC2 - Coin-operated game machine - Google Patents Spielgerät Gold Party

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